Eep! Haven’t uploaded in a while.  I got a new job as a fulltime 2D artist at 1st Playable Productions. I will try to be better now that I’m a little settled in my new living space in New York.

Anyway, here is some freelance work I did for an awesome client! Character is copyright Florian Woerz, I just made the art.

"I don’t care if I become famos, actries, athlete or whateer I’m stiking with drawing because I love it."
- Me at 11 yrs. with great spelling

ciera-bear asked: Hey, have you ever joined up in an arts community to share your work and seek comradery of peeps? You're work is awesome!

Hey! Sorry for the real slow reply here. I’ve been traveling, I’m glad you like my artwork. Thanks for the message too, I don’t really get messages. I actually am part of deviantart, blogger and behance if that is what you mean by ‘community’? I do enjoy following artists I love. Do you have any suggestions? 

Bonnieux, France, painted pencil sketch.


I always wondered if Link was really unsure, or hesitant of the task he was chosen to do… he never talks, he’s just the ‘link’ between the player and the game but it makes you wonder.

Sorry for lack of updating. Been doing freelance, and worked on this thing in-between. I wanted to explore some more graphic shapes, not sure if it happened. Oh well, done with it for now.

JFK sketch. (Reference used)

Freelance illustration for a client’s personal blog. View here.

Freelance illustration for client’s personal blog. View here.

Freelance illustration for a client’s personal blog.

Details from Aonuma's Zelda speaking session at New York Comic Con ›

Talking about Wind Waker HD. Mr. Aonuma wants to thank fans for their amazing submissions to the WindWaker Fan Art Contest.

Omg so this means THE Eiji Aonuma saw my artwork? Please let me die happy now thank you